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Setting Boundaries


Got Boundaries

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Boundaries are physical, mental and emotional limits one sets for themselves to avoid manipulating others or getting manipulated by others. Basically, it is a set of guidelines about what you will and will not accept.  Having boundaries keeps one from feeling undervalued, underestimated and marginalized.

Breathe in a bubble of protective energy to keep you in a positive head space. Next, think of ways to maintain being grounded. Grounding is similar to the root of a tree, if you are sturdy, others cannot huff and puff to steal your energy. Some ways to begin the day is through: meditation, prayer, positive affirmations and/or your favorite songs to name a few. Nonetheless, whatever you do, remember to preserve your self-care.

You Can read more on the For Harriet blog post self-preservation as self-care: how to set healthy boundaries

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